9 west design studio


9 west design Studio is the Telluride-based studio of  laura jordan.

As a young child, while her father was building an addition to their home, Laura climbed the ladder to the second story platform where her soon to be bedroom would eventually be complete and startled her father, as he did not expect to see his young daughter in the space just yet.  That might have been the first indicator of what she was to be when she grew up.  In that room she liked to build things, take them apart, and build them again.

Having earned her Bachelor's of Architecture degree at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS, Laura Jordan believes in designing everything she gets her hands on.  Moving just west of Kansas after college, she started her career in Colorado Springs, working at a firm with 17 offices nationwide and over 500 professionals specializing in educational, sports, justice and hospitality facilities.  One more leap west landed her in Telluride, Colorado the Thanksgiving after 9/11, where she has worked in architecture and interior design firms on custom residential, commercial and historic preservation projects for the past 15 years.  Laura enjoys designing custom details, intimate spaces that relate uniquely with the client, and incorporating a natural material pallatte that draws from the characteristics of the Telluride region.

Laura lives 4 miles west of Telluride with her husband and 2 sons in a place called Lawson Hill.  The hill they live on has been dubbed "Awesome Hill" by the neighbors for many reasons.  It is doubtful that a physical relocation from that spot will ever gain a majority vote by the family. 



 Rascals - Rainbow - Rockies

a non profit daycare, preschool and after school program.  scholarship committee member and director of special projects


Laura quickly grasps her clients’ sense of style and consistently executes thier vision throughout the project
— Gail and Russ Newman